Trying iOS 10.3.3 to my iphone 5s

Yeah..I got my first iphone since last year ago!

This is my iphone 5s. I love Apple product very much, but the price is really over high for me since many years ago. I bought this model when the prices was dropped "gao gao lat" while Apple was launching the iphone 7! I got my first unit iphone at RM1299! ^0^ It's really worth to me!

Before that, I was 100% supporter to samsung even from mobile to smart phone...but the fate was changed since I had to buy new one every year! Yes! Every year my samsung phone sure gone! It's really make me gave up to be samsung fans anymore! I want to own a iphone i swear to myself! However it's such expensive to me >.<...end up I was changed to use Asus Zen II. Asus Zen II interface design is nice and clean if compared to samsung smart phone but it's still an android device full with apps on every page. As my old habits I hided all the useless one apps! Y? Because they make my day messy! I'm felt sorry to android establisher LOL. I was using Asus Zen II nearly about one year and the memory had been always to clean  if not it will slow like tortoise and as my sense it was the time to search for next unit again! ANDROID really make my life FUN! If I'm a phone player or collector I would very happy with it but I totally not! My purse was unhappy with it too...

"Try MI phone laa...nice phone ever I used", my Telegram buddy pulled hard to me. If not Zen II going to dead soon, I won't ever to try MI. I used it about 5 months only and started felt annoying...what happend to it? I can't remember already. When I felt hopeless..suddenly heard my dear hubby said iphone 5s got discount RM500! It's really surprising me a lot, thanks god belssing me so much and I bought my 5S at next day! SIlver colour with slim body design. On the sport, I bought it a sweet blue cover and glass tinted too. It's made my day and I so happy with it! The interface looks so clean and tidy, super HD display and the colour not the contrast blue like someone.

我觉得我这人很倒霉。I used my 5S nealry 9 months and the bad lucks came visited me again. It was without any notice quietly shut down and restart itself...until one day I doubt somethings was going wrong with some apps. The apps was running by few minutes ago but I found that why it closed automatically when I countined work with my phone. At beginning I thought system not stable as I just upgraded it by last week ago. Ignored that. After dozens of days, it was more and more frequently automatically off and on and stop at APPLE logo screen. It was not funny to come?!!

I took it to the store where I bought from and the servicer asked me brought it to their service centre which located at Time Square, Kuala Lumpur. the distance from my home place to time square is around 40km, if not peak hours estimated 35 minutes could be reach there. If they could safe my 5S why not. However I brought it twice to the service centre and showed them the recorded video as per their requirement to approved that problem due to the first report they found nothing problem with my iphone. After twice submission failed, they suggested me brought it to Machines Centre at Mid Valley together with the analysis report. After 2 weeks later, Machines called me and told me same result as previous report. Urrghhhh! PLAY me around right?! Paid one thousand money and got this shit problem iphone and travel so long distance here and there! Are you guys kidding me! Since Machines could not help me as short day I called to APPLE CARE to complaint....bla bla bla and after that I email them my stupid recorded video too. Holding my MI phone recording  and waiting my 5s going shut I never ever succeed to take the video! I gave up after I tried 3days!

After 2 days, I got a called from APPLECARE Singapore. The servicer told me they tried hard to analysis my case and would try to help me request Malaysia Apple for the replacement. This was last chances for me..if replacement failed too, I could directly thow my 5S to the dustbin. Wait for another couples days, machines called me asked me go for collect my replacement unit!!! Yeah! Thanks God! Every things were be end soon! I got my new iphone 5S again! Really really thanks to APPLECARE Singapore done nice effort on my case! I was appreciated it.

This actually happened to me by last 5 months ago around March of 2017...and today I only shared it out as I really worried something no good always happen around me, like a Chinese words said well, "if you sings before seven, you will cry before eleven"! 乐极生悲吖~lol...

Today I want to tell the whole world my phone 5S is fine with me and now it's going to upgrade with the latest iOS10.3.3. I hope that my iphone 5S will stay long with me for another 5 years. AMITABHA.

It's going to take some minutes for upgrading...Good luck to you and me! ;)


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